An Emerging Seedling


Just Popping Out…

A squash seedling is just popping out of the ground, seen here in West Farms’ Facebook post. Look hard. It’s right there in the middle. It reminded me so much of where the Fresh Foundation is at this very moment. We’ve planted the seeds for a wonderful idea that will benefit thousands of people all over Oklahoma and eventually the entire nation. And it’s just popping out of the ground now!
The excitement, the potential, the hope; they’re all there in that image of a little seedling seeing the sun for the first time. They’re all there in the emerging programs that we are developing at the FRESH Foundation too. The new partnerships with local universities, regulatory agencies and education organizations have the same potential to produce an exciting crop of new farmers and new consumers that are knowledgeable about where their food comes from and how it’s grown.
Just like this little squash plant, the FRESH Foundation is growing and producing in an environmentally sustainable way. A new but also ancient way to produce food without destroying the microorganisms in the soil; without unnecessary fertilizer or pesticides; without using excess water or fossil fuels.
This brand new seedling represents the very essence of what we’re all about. We are growing food of course, but at our core we are growing farmers, people, knowledge, and environmental responsibility. We are changing the way our food is grown by putting as much, if not more, back in to the land as we take out of it. That’s at the heart of sustainability. And just like our little squash here, we are going to feed the world!
We hope you will join us!


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