O.N.E. Native Selections


Oklahoma Native Edibles and Oklahoma Native Essentials!

ON Essentials are ornamental native Oklahoma plants that are an ideal addition to your flowerbed, landscape or home. Native to Oklahoma means:

  • easy care because they are adapted to thrive in our volatile Oklahoma weather patterns
  • attractive to native pollinators
  • great alternative to the ‘same old same old’ landscape selections in everyone else’s garden

ON Edibles is a native edible plant line produced and sold by our farmers at the FRESH Foundation Farm. Ideal for:

  • edible landscapes
  • alternative garden plants
  • diversifying your diet
  • native pollinators

The re-introduction of native species into your garden or flowerbed helps keep our environment natural. Pollinators, other insects and birds benefit greatly from native species.

We hope you will enjoy our new line of native plants in your landscape soon. Production begins in 2019 and we are adding plants to the list now. Have a preference or suggestion for what you’d like to see us grow? Go to our Contact Page and leave us a note. We’d love to hear your ideas!